To understand MicroCurrent Skin care, we need to understand more about the facial received from your facial.

the Microcurrent Facials use two handheld prongs that deliver precise dosages of energy to the skin and work simultaneously to repair and produce collagen in the dermis, which is the deepest layer of the skin, while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis, which is the top layer of skin.

“Celebrity Facialist” Joanna Vargas’  results-driven treatments and products are a favorite among celebrities, supermodels, socialites, editors, and women who simply want the best for their skin., She says through her studies  studies it showed  that microcurrent facials increase production of collagen by up to 14%, elastin by 48%, and blood circulation by 38%.



Drinking liquid chlorophyll. “If I have a client who doesn’t eat salad or drink green juices, I’ll tell them to go to WholeFoods and buy liquid chlorophyll. It tastes like mint, oxygenates the skin, keeps skin clean, and works from the inside out so you see a huge difference quickly.”

Skip the coffee. “#1 tip which is absolutely a favorite skin fix is to drink a green juice every day. This will become a great replacement to anyone’s afternoon coffee, literally transforming your skin in a matter of days. It helps oxygenate the skin and stimulates lymphatic drainage, so it’s de-puffing too!”

Exfoliation. “Exfoliation a secret weapon to having great skin. This is the “most often” step that is skipped  one’s home routine, but it can really make a difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Think of exfoliation as creating a perfect canvas for your products and makeup. Investing in the most expensive, skin care products will not do the trick.  If you don’t exfoliate, those expensive ingredients won’t even penetrate to make any difference whatsoever.”

Order the guacamole. “Eat more avocado. Best way to achieve perfectly hydrated skin from the inside out. Add to your salad or even throw half of an avocado into your morning smoothie. Avocado supplies the skin with healthy fats and phytonutrients to hydrate from the inside out and bring back your glow.”

Go green. “Make the switch to natural products. It’s always confusing when you walk into a store and have so many choices in terms of which direction to go with what you buy, so I recommend finally taking the leap into natural beauty products. They have amazing results-oriented ingredients that penetrate more readily into the skin and show a real result fast. I love a serum that delivers an instant glow to a client, and natural serums like my Rejuvenating Serum will give you that right away.”

Dry brushing. “A dry brush is a great drugstore beauty buy.A dry brush costs about $10, found anywhere. It is a favorite method of body exfoliation because it’s multi-tasking and incredible as a cellulite treatment  increasing elasticity. You begin at the tops of the feet brushing upwards towards the heart. Spend extra time on areas that tend to be more stagnant, like the inner thigh, and don’t forget to include the backs of the arms and the back. Dry brushing immediately increases circulation, so you will feel warmer when you are done. Try it before you get into the shower in the morning and you will see a difference in your skin quality and cellulite in days.”